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Political Science

Political Science is the study of power, conflict and war, and the human endeavor to maintain peace, order, and cooperation.  It is the study of the principles and ethics that guide that effort.  It is the study of governments -either in the United States or in other countries -and of the making and carrying out of laws and policies by presidents and governors, legislatures and courts, and administrative agencies and civil service.  It is the study of the media and journalists who observe governments and inform us of their actions.  It is the study of cities and counties and their efforts to maintain and develop communities, both socially and economically.  It is the study of the public agencies and services, and the special ways they must be organized and managed.  It is the study of human values and beliefs, how they are formed and expressed in the public arena, in voting and elections, in political parties and in the activities of organized interestes, both self-seeking and public spirited.  The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said that politics is "the master of science" because it influences how all other knowledge is used in society.

The objective of the political science program is to develop graduates who understand these subjects, and who in the process become able writers, speakers, thinkers, and informed students of human conflict, organization, and governance.  With these knowledges and skills, graduates are well prepared for a variety of careers.  Professions to which such abilities are obviously relevant include public service in government and non-profit service agencies, law, education, journalism, and military command.  But political science graduates have succeeded as well in careers in a variety of different areas of business, including banking, investment management, extraction and manufacturing companies, insurance, and sales.  And political science is a natural minor to accompany other majors in which such knowledge and skills are important, including social work, public health and health administration, parks and recreation, business management, history, sociology, and clinical and industrial psychology.

The department offers the following degrees:

Bachelor of Arts Degrees:

  • Political Science

and Minors in:

  • Political Science
  • Public Administration

For a more detailed description of our program requirements, refer to the University catalog at

Careers in Political Science

From the American Political Science Association (APSA)

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