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Political Science is the study of power, conflict, war, cooperation, governments within the United States or across the world, public agencies, human values, beliefs, voting, elections, and how all of these things intereact in the public sphere.  It was, according to Aristotle, the Master Science, because it influenced how all other knowledge was used in society.  It is especially relevant to government workers, lawyers, journalists, and educators -but any profession which works in the larger society can benefit from a major or minor in Political Science.

Paralegals are paraprofessionals who, under the supervision of an attorney, perform tasks traditionally done by attorneys.  While they do not engage in the practice of law, paralegals work with attorneys to complete specifically-delegated substantive legal work.  Paralegals performs tasks such as preparing litigation documents for attorney signature, drafting forms for a variety of cases such as estate matters, divorce filings, and bankruptcies, and communicating with potential and current clients.  The EKU Paralegal Program is designed to provide students with theoretical substantive legal knowledge as well as practical paralegal skills.  The program strives to educate paralegals who have excellent written and oral communication skills and can provide exceptional legal support for attorneys throughout the country.  The EKU Paralegal Program is available partially online, with students completing a two-week on-campus residency.

The Master's of Public Administration (MPA) program is practitioner focused and geared for students whether they are midway through their career, just starting out, or anywhere in between.  The program is designed to serve those already working in the public sector as well as new college graduates.

EKU has launched the state's first fully accredited online MPA.  EKU's on-campus MPA program was also the first such program in the state, created in 1968, and brings that same excellence in graduate studies to students in an online setting.

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What have other EKU Alumni done with their degree from the Department of Government?

Cheryl Hilvert, City Manager

Kristeena Johnson, Law Student

B.R. Masters, Deputy Chief of Staff Senate Democractic Leadership office

Brad Parke, ARC Consultant

John Samples, CATO Institute